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Douglas fir and Lodgepole Pine are the main species used at our sawmill. We also use Engleman spruce and Sub-Alpine fir but they occur in smaller volume in this area.

The mill can produce both eight and nine foot lumber so we can accept either eight or nine foot log length multiples. 

The “Log Specification” list below outlines the log length multiples that we prefer along with the log quality items. Each of these log quality items have an impact on how the log goes through the lumber manufacturing process and we are happy to report that most of the individuals that sell logs to us do a very good job of log manufacturing.

We do accept Mountain Pine Beetle killed timber that contains blue stain. The blue stain is not a structural defect and has no impact on the structural application of the lumber.

  1. LENGTHS: Eight foot – 16’8”, 25’0”, 33’4”, 41’8”

        Nine foot – 18’2”, 27’2”, 36’2”, 45’2”

  2. TOP DIAMETER: 5.0” Minimum inside bark
  3. TRIM ALLOWANCE: 1” Under, 2” Over
  4. LIMBING: Limbs cut flush with the log
  5. BUCKING: Straight cuts, within 2” of square
  6. EXCESSIVE SWEEP or CROOK: Any log requiring a 6’ or greater length cut.
  7. SPLIT or SHATTER: Any log with gouge, split or shatter.
  8. METAL: All metal will be bucked out of logs
  9. BROKEN ENDS: Log end not trimmed, trim to 8’ or 9’ multiple.
  10. SORTING:
  1. Loads shall be sorted by Species.
  2. Lodgepole will be sorted by load into Dead and Green loads
  1. Lodgepole is considered Dead if the log contains blue stain or checks.

Load Ticket shall be marked “Dead”, “Green”, or “Mixed”, according to the load composition.

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